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Re-publish your paywalled work open access today for free

Find publications of yours with free open access pathways.

What we provide for authors

Free Your Science is out to show authors like you which of your paywalled publications you can re-publish open access today for free and how to do it. We operate this site for free because we believe in open science.

Find your paywalled publications

Publishers can keep your publications behind paywalls. This limits your scientific reach to readers with paid subscriptions. We help you to identify these publications.

Identify open access pathways

Many publishers allow open access re-publication of your work, free of charge, today. Using the Sherpa Romeo publisher policy database, we find the best pathway for your work to become open access.

Re-publish open access

Depending on the identified pathway you can deposit your manuscript in places like arXiv, PubMed, or Zenodo. We show you the way to open access re-publication with just a few steps.

Our partners

As part of a strong open science ecosystem, stands on the shoulders of the following kind partners that provide helpful APIs and datasets.

Open Source

We believe that open source is a critical part of open science. This project's source code is therefore fully open source and MIT licensed.

The code for this service and our other efforts are evailable at